Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thomas Jefferson's Birthday

Today is Thomas Jefferson’s birthday and a good way to introduce him in New Madrid history.  Jefferson was one of the early scientific pioneers in the United States and did much to develop research in the natural sciences in the new nation.  He appointed government officials who had a scientific background and asked them to report on the natural resources the country.   After the Louisiana Purchase he pursued a program of exploration with the goals of finding out more about the vast territory that the nation had acquired.  Several of the eyewitnesses to the New Madrid earthquakes such as Dr. John Robinson and Henry Marie Brackenridge had been acquainted with him in their work for the United States government in that exploration effort.  Robinson had served on the Lewis and Clark expedition as a medical officer.  Brackenridge had written a detailed description of the Louisiana Territory and had traveled extensively in the area.(As a note the blog editor shares the same birthday.)


  1. happy birthday kent

  2. Happy Birthday to you and to Thomas Jefferson. ;-)